Project Description

Navigation for ASP.NET Web Forms manages movement and data passing between ASPX pages in a unit-testable manner. There is no client-side logic, so it works in all browsers, and no server-side cache, so it works with the browser back button.

Comprehensive documentation and sample code can be found under the Documentation tab

A sample project built using this framework can be found at Navigation NerdDinner. It is a conversion of the ASP.NET MVC NerdDinner application to ASP.NET Web Forms and is accompanied by a 150-page PDF walkthrough.

  • Loosely coupled pages
  • Typed data passing
  • Empty code-behinds
  • Unit-testability
  • Secure applications
  • Problem-free browser back button
  • Context-sensitive bread crumb trail
  • ASP.NET data binding integration
  • Automatic ASP.NET Ajax history navigation
  • ASP.NET routing integration
  • Progressive enhancement
  • Single page applications
  • Mobile and Display Modes support
For explanation and examples of all these features and more see the Documentation

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